The 5 Days Culture Safari in Uganda with Gorilla trekking commences from Kampala and ends in Kampala. The 5 days of Culture feature a blend of wildlife and gorillas. The safari involves a game walking safari in Lake Mburo National Park where the travellers can explore the Rothschild Giraffes, the Impala, Burchells’s Zebra, the Topi, the elands among others, whole day experience with the Banyankole community exploring the Ankole long horned cattle and its practices, the crop growing and extensive Banana plantations, the 1520AD eclipse monument and Eriijukiro museum tour at Igongo Cultural center, and gorilla trekking at Bwindi

Day 1: Transfer from Kampala to Lake Mburo National Park

After a morning breakfast, you will set off from Kampala to Lake Mburo national park making a stop at Uganda Equator for the picture moments and also lunch will be eaten at one of the restaurants at this place.  After lunch you will continue your journey to go and check in at Lake Mburo national park and also do an evening game walk expecting to see animals like zebras, warthogs and impalas. Overnight at the lodge in Lake Mburo national park

Day 2: Banyankole Culture exploration

Today you will wake up very early in the morning to connect to the Enyemebwa center to catch up with the herds men getting up to do the milking and their daily routine. You arrive and get the milking equipment including the tying rope and the milking pot to actively participate in the traditional hand milking of the Ankole long horned cattle, from milking you participate in sick animal treating, caring for cows like brushing their body using the locally made fiber brush (Enkuyo) and set out to graze in the wilderness. You enjoy the stimulating sounds that are made by the herds men as they set out to the grazing field and be mesmerized by the cows know how to align themselves forming a line headed by those that have special character of leading others. You retreat back and visit the traditional hut where you find the women churning milk in the churning gourd, from here the guide can take you to explore the crop bit of it exploring the extensive banana plantations where you learn about various banana types and their respective use participate in pruning and weeding using local methods and then participate in initial arrangements for traditional lunch.  You take  a break from that and rush to the well with red soil that is used for smearing the soil made water trough, smear the trough and fill it with water and  then wait for the cattle to come and water them accordingly. You can opt to have a bull slaughtered and grilled traditionally for you where you can also have it alongside the delicious local sauce that is made without fire called Eshabwe. Join the women as they clean milk pots and smoking them with the help of handmade of ceramic and specially chosen tree and grass Species, making crafts and calf pen arrangement. In the evening after the cows have settle in their Kraal, you attend to the traditional performances including citations, dancing and singing. It is a whole day encounter that allows you to gain a deep immersion of the local Banyankole culture. Overnight and dinner at the lodge

Day 3: Transfer to Bwindi and igongo cultural center

After breakfast, you will transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park but before Bwindi, you will make a stop at Igongo Cultural Museum. The tour to the Eriijukiro Museum exposes you to counts of collections of all tribes of south western Uganda dating back to their traditional era. You also enjoy the art works including the impressive sculptures of ancient great men like the Muguta y’ Butaaho and the Ishe’ Katabaazi not forgetting the magical cow Mayenje g’ ishinjo which sparked off the war between Nkore and Buhweju. You continue on the drive to tour the 1520AD Eclipse monument overlooking the Igongo Cultural Center. You can opt of for a hill climb other than driving there which is a magical experience to encounter. You explore the great heritage attached to the eclipse monument. The Cows of Ankole kingdom had been totally confiscated by King Olimi I of Bunyoro and the Banyankole were starving. And then a wonder happened when the King Olimi I was from raiding the cows of Rwanda and the total solar eclipse occurred when had reached Biharwe. He and his men thought that something terrible was going to happen to them and they abandoned the cows and run to Bunyoro. When the eclipse was over, the Banyankole found cows all over and they believed that they had been sent by God from heaven in response to their cries. Thus they called them “enduuga mwiiguru”. After the hike, you will eat lunch in Mbarara town and then continue you’re your journey to Bwindi for dinner and over night

Day 4: Gorilla trekking in Bwindi and Bunyonyi

In the morning, assemble at the park headquarters for briefing from the   park rangers about the dos and don’ts while with the gorillas. Proceed for the memorable adventure in the forest, an activity that may take 2-6 hours depending on the movement of the animals. Meet and stay with the animals for a maximum of one hour, then descend to the park headquarters and then to your Lodge for lunch and relaxation. After lunch, you will transfer to bunyonyi for overnight and dinner.




Day 5: Transfer back to kampala

After the mornng break first, you will  drive back to kampala making a stopover at the equator where  you willl eat  your lunch from and also take more picutres plus buying of the local soveniers



5 Days Banyankole Culture and Gorilla Treking Safari in Uganda

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