Nungi safaris Uganda is here to take you as far as enjoying chimpanzees in Uganda is concerned; this safari will take you to this unique Island which is found in Entebbe on Lake Victoria. It’s just located off shore from Entebbe and it’s a forested Island which is also a safe haven for the orphaned chimps which are free to enjoy the natural habitants on the Island. Ngamba Island is also a home to very many plant and tree species, forest birds, water catchment areas, reptile species like the snakes, lizards and the beautiful scenery which is so adventurous on any safari. There will also be a unique opportunity to view the chimpanzees in their natural environment due to the pre-arranged supplementary feeding times and this also provides excellent photographic opportunities. This tour can also expose you to a safari visit to UWEC which has got many animal species like the lions, elephants, Rhinos, bird species, monkeys, and many more. You will also have a briefing by the guide who will lead you to the coast of Lake Victoria to meet your 9:00 am launch.

The boat will also take about 45 minutes across to Ngamba Island, crossing the equator en route. When you arrive at the Island home to 39 chimpanzees, you will be given an introduction and briefing on the sanctuary. After which, its feeding time! It’s also exciting to watch the chimpanzees interact with each other and with each other and with their keepers.

In the relatively short amount of the time, you are there you will be able to see such different personalities amongst the group, with some, whistling for food where as others clapping. It’s also obviously the best option would be to re-introduce the orphaned chimps in the wild. However this is impossible for a number of various reasons and the sanctuary is not bad for second best.

You will also return to the main land where you will also meet your safari guide to drive you to Entebbe wildlife Education Centre (Zoo) and Reptile village



Visit Uganda Wildlife Preserve-The zoo
This place is a home of various animals which were rescued from poachers in the national park, and you will see animals like lions, leopards, elephants, monkeys, ostriches and many others being fed. And you would also want to participate in feeding of these animals though it’s optional since it’s not an easy task. Not forgetting, you will have a chance to see the Rhinos which is extinct to all the national parks in Uganda and also it can be found at Ziwa rhino sanctuary

Reptile village

Uganda Reptile Village is managed by Mr. Kazibwe who is a reptile expert. He was born in 1982 in Wakiso District. After studying in Uganda he went to Kenya and Tanzania where he was fully trained in reptile handling and rescue over a period of about 4 years. In 1998 whilst in Tanzania he met Jackson Erickson, a South African reptile warden who was undertaking extensive research on snakes in the country. In June 1999 Erickson offered to take him to Zimbabwe to hone his skills even further. And it was this back ground as to why this reptile village is in existence today because between 2003 and 2008, he rescued more than 623 snakes of 38 different species from imminent death.

Imperial resort beach

This is the best white sand beach in Uganda located on the shores of Lake Victoria and it’s adjacent to a beautiful five star hotel. You will walk in the clean water/ sand along the best sand beaches in Uganda as well as on the sand to sun bath. The tour in the caves is so interesting and it’s always along the caves some of which have been made into creative bars which is also rewarding due to their unique features, as this is done to avail many bird sightings along the beach.

You will have a swim in the Lake to step up your physical fitness after a busy day. The day will be finalized with a dance to Ugandan local tunes mixed with international tunes to warm your body at the beach since it’s a weekend and everyone is happening. In case you need a Speed boat, it can be arranged so that you can enjoy a cruise on Lake Victoria; though you will have to pay for this service (Speed boat), so come with extra dollars in case you get interested in the activity

1 Day Ngamba Island Chimpazee Tracking

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