About Nungi Safaris

Who we are

“We specialize in both Tailor-Made & Customized Private African Safaris; Covering Uganda and Rwanda Specifically but Also We Can takes you up to Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, and Congo If at all you are interested in visiting those destinations”

We believe that where you travel is important. But it is how you travel that makes all the difference. Nungi Safaris sets the standard in custom-designed private travel as asked by you.

We are widely recognized as leaders in the industry for our creativity, our values, and our pioneering approach to bespoke travel. We are, after all, among the top companies in Africa-Uganda in particular to offer private custom-designed travel around Africa particularly Uganda.

At Nungi safaris; we choose to limit what we offer so that when we say: “we are one step ahead,” everyone knows we mean it. Clients come to us for our deep knowledge, our wide network of connections, our truthful opinions, and our discerning judgments.

And we happen to offer some of the most exciting places in Africa like Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Morocco, and Seychelles.

But we like to think that it is not what we offer that makes us special but it is how we offer it with heart, passion, real care and giving attention to each and every client of our clients without discriminating the class, race and color because at Nungi we believe in Equity.

More than 5years after we were founded Nungi safaris in Kampala Uganda, we remain at the forefront of the continual re-imagining of travel from a set of standardized commodities to an experience-based story (your story) that, at its best, can be, life changing.

We listen to your needs because we understand your trip is different from anyone else. With us, you enter doors closed to the public, gain insider insights through our network of experts in virtually any field imaginable, and meet local people who share your passions. We endeavor to offer travel that is insightful, enriching, eye-opening, and rip-roaring fun. We always want to bring alive the places you visit and find their spirits and the magic at your own terms.

We pride ourselves on travel that is not only inspirational, but also responsible to local communities, as well as to the environment because this has been one of the key reasons as to why this company was started.

Yes, we have seen companies winning accolades and recognition from the top travel writers and publications in the world. But for our case we believe when a client calls to tell us they’ve had an amazing experience on the trip of their lives, that’ kind of feedback back gives us courage to wake every day in the morning and tell our staff that lets make our clients happy because without the client we are no more hence at Nungi safaris we champion customer satisfaction

Nungi safaris wants your travel to be worry-free and fun, but most of all, to be inspirational. For some trips that have moved us, take a look at our amazing itineraries and then let us create the perfect life-changing journey for you.



Seeing each and every client that goes with us on a safaris happy and satisfied with our service before, on and after the trip.


To lead the sustainable tourism Development in Africa by offering satisfaction to our clients at an affordable prices with the help of a committed team of professional that we work with.


  • Be the client
  • Professionalism
  • Flexibility
  • Have Fun

Basing on the above core values, Nungi safaris has managed to slowly penetrate the competitive and first growing Tourism industry in Uganda and East Africa at large and we hope to keep the raising higher until we are on top of the Tourism industry in Africa because every day in the morning, our staff is reminded about these core values of the company


Nungi safaris has put in place some various marketing and selling strategies like partnerships with both private and government bodies. Nungi safaris  is known also for promoting Tourism to the local/ Domestic Tourist since it has the foundation of Domestic Tourism; with the help of government bodies like Uganda wildlife authority, Uganda tourism Board, association of Uganda Tour operators and Makerere University which all these help the company to deliver quality services to clients

Nungi safaris Uganda, is also in negotiations with the tours operators in the United Kingdom and the United States of America so that they can help to promote Uganda and our company to the western world for the African safaris, gorilla safaris, adventure safaris, trekking tours, gorilla tours, Uganda safaris, and Uganda safari experiences


Nungi safaris  employees 12 people who have both the academic and work experience .our office staff provides the best office work and good customer services you can never find anywhere in the other companies. Our Tour guides are well educated too and also they acquire extra training from the Uganda safaris guides association (USAGA) and all our guides speak all the official east African dialects plus other foreign languages like Germany, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and English




Nungi safaris has 3 land cruisers and 5 mini buses all on a 4WD basis and driven by professional and experienced guides/Drivers. Our vehicles have pop up roofs which enables our clients to enjoy the game drives in the national park and also we limit 4-6 people in our vehicles because we want to give each one to have control of the window and also the convenience of using your camera while on the Uganda safaris without any disturbances hence making our clients to be comfortable since also our seats in the car are comfortable enough to make any one feel satisfied with our services


Nungi safaris offer a number of services in Africa which range from Safaris, car hire, tours, honey moon packages and Air ticketing. Details of some of our tour packages are explained in details below

  1. Adventure safaris

Nungi safaris  offers tailor made adventure safari tours which can give you a chance to encounter with the most beautiful and Giant mountain Gorilla in the Bwindi impenetrable national park while on your gorilla tracking safaris; Kibale national park will also give you time to adventure the chimpanzee and Kibale national park is known as number one spot for chimpanzees in Uganda , later you can continue with your adventure tour by going to the River Nile in Jinja where you can do white water rafting and bungee jumping the most incredible experience for one not to miss while in Uganda

  1. Cultural safaris

Uganda is the country with the highest number of ethnic tribes but it has 4 major organized tribes which are: Baganda, Batooro, Banyoro and Basoga which all these have different interesting cultural encounters like the way of cooking, food types and way of dressing which all this sum up into a cultural tour package and our experts will always escort you to these places to encounter such beautiful culture and most hospitable people

However, Uganda has other minor but interesting tribes like the Banyankole known for their long horned cattle, the kjongs who leave in the semi-arid parts of northern Uganda and Kenya who are also known for cattle keeping (Nomads) and the Bagisu who are known for their embalu ceremonies (male) circumcision and all this can be organized for you in one Uganda cultural tour packages

  1. Wildlife safaris

Nungi safaris also give the best of the Uganda wildlife safaris because we customize all our tours to what a client wants. You will enjoy the Murchison falls national park (once visited by Winston Churchill) with its unique attraction being the falls which flows up to Egypt, animals like lions; elephants, giraffe and the boat cruise on the Nile waters. Also the Queen Elizabeth national park provides more similar to Murchison however a bit different from it because of its known tree climbing lions and also you can do the wildlife safaris in the Kidepo valley national park and enjoy the semi-arid climate as you will get the chance to see animals like cheater and leopards plus the ostrich

  1. Recreation & Sports Tourism

These activities are commonly done at the lake sides of Lake Victoria being the major for us because Uganda shares the biggest part of the lake. This lake is located just a few meters from the airport in Entebbe (5 minutes). This lake has many beaches like spena, lido, aero, resort and Munyonyo beach where you can play many games with friends and family; also alongside the beach, you will need to check out the islands like Ngamba Island, bulago and Ssese Island which are good places for honey mooners




  1. Eco –Tourism /Sustainable Tourism

Nungi safaris  mind about sustainability of tourism in Uganda and all the world that’s why we have tried to promote eco-tourism with our tour packages because we believe tourism can stay for decades if we sustainably consume it without harming the natural state of these attraction and that’s why we have sustainably kept the cultures strong by supporting the small groups of women in Bwindi, Murchison falls and Kidepo valley national park, because we believe by supporting these small local’s initiatives, they will feel also involved and benefiting from the tourism industry hence reducing the risks of these people from encroaching into the national park because they believe in the end they will earn a living because of the existence of this national parks hence a sustainable tourism in the country all supported by Nungi safaris  and other well-wishers for the Uganda’s tourism industry



Nungi safaris gives you the best prices for Uganda safaris whether you book with us directly or you book though our agents. All the prices will be totally the same, in that we set prices on proof of the activities one is going to be offered for and also we set prices according to the current economic situation in the country and also our prices can be customized, meaning we can give you the best rates according to your budget. What you need to do is simple, book with us your Uganda safaris and you witness what is talking about!


Since Nungi safaris  is locally founded from Uganda and by Ugandan citizens, we have the experience and expertise in all our tourism destination in Uganda because we visit these places all the time we get clients throughout the year and also even when we do not have clients, we go to these places to make sure that nothing has changed. We have knowledge about each and every accommodation places in Uganda and Rwanda whether budget or luxury and that is why we always want you to trust us to make your hotel bookings for you. Since we are an indigenous company, we are well conversant with the local cultures and way of life and that’s the reason our company is known for giving the best gorilla tours, trekking tours, mountain gorilla tracking & cultural safaris in Uganda hence we attribute all this to being experienced.


As Nungi safaris we believe that the customer is a king in every business! That’s why we do what we can to make all our clients and customers satisfied because it is from this customer satisfaction that has kept us in business and also will keep us going forward not until we achieve our goal of being the Top safaris company in Africa that deals in gorilla tours, trekking tours, and Backpacking gear that fronts a sustainable tourism campaign to our clients. This is evidenced by the feedback we get from our clients on trip advisors because they comment with passion and love, and also the return of these clients for the second or more times has confirmed to us that clients like what we do. You can visit our Trip advisor page and see what the clients have written about their experience on the Uganda safaris with us